Friday, June 8, 2012


Etsy occasionally does these new things that I'm totally unprepared for.
They dropped a bomb on me with the "About" page. (Course, if I'd been reading my e-mails like I should, I probably would have known)

In any case, my about page is complete.
There's no earth shattering news on there, but I think it'll be neat for people who find me through Etsy to have a bit of background knowledge, they can of course continue to follow my mind's musings on my blog if they so choose.

On to new stuff:
I started this about a week before the wedding. I just finished it up last night and I must say it was a true joy to create.
This is how I like to design. Start with the center and work my way out and if I don't like it, just rip it out and do it again.
Which, incidentally is exactly what I did with this one. That first row of jasper rounds with the vintage glass daggers was actually about my fourth attempt to adequately frame the focal cab that I received from Caroline Fung.
I can't be sure (I haven't asked), but I'm pretty sure she's used origami paper to make the cab.

How do I know?
Because when I was about 15 I bought this cool origami kit to play with and all the papers looked just like this.
Really intense colors with just enough metallic finishes to really catch the light. 

I'm very excited with how this turned out.
It has such great weight and texture.
More pics are here in the shop.

Oh, and thanks for the sweet comments from my last post.
Yes, Thank You Very Much. ;)


  1. Csodaszép medál, nagyon tetszik!

  2. Hi Marcie,
    Wow another beautiful piece made with your talented hands.

  3. Great work! I really love it!

  4. It is spectacular and impressive, a real beauty!!!

  5. Precioso es una maravilla de colgante, estoy segura q tendra mucho exito

  6. Marcie, it's absolutely beautiful! I find it really interesting to see how you design with the cab - I would never have thought of using those beads or this particular colour scheme. It's spectacular and inspiring for me. And yes, the cabs were made with Japanese washi paper. Can't wait to see what you do with the others!

  7. Qué preciosidad!!!haces cosas muy bonitas y originales

  8. Impresionante, maravilloso. Un trabajo precioso.

    Un beso.