Thursday, May 10, 2012

Full Speed

I haven't made any jewelry in probably a week.
We're still painting and cleaning and decorating.
I purchased a waist high cabinet with lots of drawers for bead storage. (Something that I haven't had before) I'm gonna work really hard this week to try to get the spare room painted so that I can bring in the beads!
In the meantime, I wanted you to know about a few new e-books from Interweave that are really great if you're a new beadweaver.
The first is called 10 Quick and Easy Peyote Stitch beading patterns and I have two designs featured in this mag.
The first is my Arabic Motifs Cuff (seen below), and the second is my Nesting Bracelets (on the cover!).

Both of these were in Beadwork at one time, but they've been reprinted here for your convenience. Just click the photo of the e-book to take you to the site. 

The last book is a collection of favorite projects from the Simply Seeds column.
I also have two projects in here.
The first is my Color Swirls bracelet (seen below in ice blue). It is a super easy pattern to follow and requires absolutely nothing but seed beads in one size. Which means you could probably make it today if you wanted to!
The second is my Winter Solstice Cuff which also only requires seed beads, but this time you'll need 11's and 15's.
The concept behind this book is that all of the projects are about 99% seed beads, however there are only three projects that are 100% seed beads and two of those are the patterns I've contributed.
The upside?
Instant projects with no waiting on findings to arrive, or speciality beads like bugles, drops, daggers, etc. If, however, you have some of those specialty beads on hand, their are also some amazingly beautiful projects to create using those beads as well.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, and be sure to visit the Interweave Website for more info on the e-books that they offer, or to find an instant downloadable gift for Mom! 
Have a great week! 


  1. Good luck with the painting! I know how time consuming it can be (been in my house since 2005 and I still don't have all the rooms painted). Awesome about the projects in the books!

  2. Marcie, I laugh and smile when paths of people randomly cross. I began searching my old Beadwork magazines and found this awesome bracelet pattern, Color Swirls. that I had to make. After completing it, I began to search the net to see if the designer had any other cool patterns to follow. Guess what you do!!!! I had already looked at your Esty site because I love the frame pendant that Lori Anderson had in her last bead soup. The pattern directions are on my list of wishes to buy. Just have to finish up getting ready for a show before I tackle another project. Thank you for the wonderful bracelet pattern. Your work is fantastic.