Monday, December 12, 2011

Thank You

For inspiring me to try bold finishes and bright metallic colors that have an edge.

For showing me that every bead has merit and just because it isn't round, doesn't mean it can't be beautiful.

For not being afraid to weave the unexpected into an otherwise expected piece.

I think I'm a better designer because you've challenged me, even if you didn't know it. ;)

This is my newest design, an open pendant, reminiscient of a Christmas wreath (so appropriate right now). The base is a sturdy weave of Tila and Bugle beads. (Two beads that I'm beginning to love more and more for their usefulness as the bones of a structure.)
I've overlaid a layer of sparkly seeds and faceted Czech glass.

The plan is to create the tutorial and share the inspiration, but first, I need a name.
What do you think?
Something about wheels, circles, wreaths, rings?

I also did a little embroidery last week.
Very tribal, wood, copper, jasper in forest tones with deep reds and burnt oranges.

Oh, and I've almost reached 600 sales which means that there will be a giveaway soon, so stay tuned!
It's crunch time and I'll be working on family gifts all week.

Enjoy your holidays!
Oh, and seriously, if you have an idea for a name, I'd love to hear it!


  1. I love your new pendant!!
    I've never used tilabeads because I don't like them, but in this pendant you hardly see them (but they are useful though).

    An idea for a name: "sparkling ring" or "circle of bling" or "shining round".
    Good luck finding a right name ;-)

    Greetings, Petra

  2. Love the wreath idea! I see that I could dangle something in the middle as well. Love circles, love the pretty finishes here, and love the directions that you are going in. Congrats on the sales. I am nearing 200 and when I do I feel a giveaway coming on!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Infinite inspiration! Just like you to take us all along on your journeys! This is stunning!

  4. Love the pendants! I don't feel like I could think of a good name to suggest. Hope you find something fitting soon: a beautiful design deserves a beautiful name.

  5. I love the new pendant!!! Gorgeous! How about "Wheel of Fortune"!?

  6. Beautiful! Looks like a "Circle of Beauty" or "Circle of Love"

  7. Very lovely design! I agree with Amy and would say "Wheel of Fortune" is an appropriate name.

  8. How about "Infinite", or "Infinity"?

    Anyway, I always love your creations, and the circle is fantastic! Also, the embroidered one is GORGEOUS!
    Take time to enjoy your holiday season!

  9. I link Infinity too. Gorgeous pendant, I really like it. And the embroidered one is beautiful!

  10. Oops I LIKE Infinity too :-)

  11. Don't you think "Circle of inspiration" fits perfectly?
    It's a beautiful piece of jewelry, no matter what the name will be.

  12. Es tan bonito,... precioso como todo lo que haces.
    It's so nice ... beautiful as everything you do.

  13. This new creation is so pretty. I can't wait for you to write the tutorial!

  14. How about something like "Squares Circled" because of using the Tila beads?

  15. Beautiful work...I LOVE that tribal piece. I also love your banner.

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