Thursday, December 30, 2010

Margie and Me: The Finals: Time to vote!

Well, It's here!
Thanks to everyone who participated! I've got all your entries with a number and name below each one. If you have a blog link that I know of, or sent me one, I tried to link to your shop/blog.
The voting poll is to the right. Simply choose your favorite number and click it to vote! I'll leave the voting open until Jan.2, so spread the word!
Here we go!

First Color Palette:
Titian the Venetian

The entries:

1. Amy's Beaded Bracelet

2. Kokopelli's Embroidered Pendant

3. Jess's Beaded Necklace

4. Emma's Leather and Beads Bracelet

Second Color Palette:
The Ishtar Gate

5. Jess's Ishtar Wing Necklace

6. Nancy's Beadwoven Beauty

Third Color Palette:
The Lady and the Unicorn

7. Elisabeth's Necklace and Earrings Set

8. Karyn's Beadwoven Necklace

9. Marge's Bead Embroidered Cuff

10. Lody's Beaded Pendant

11. Jess's Embroidered Pendant

Fourth Color Palette:
The Lilies Fresco

12. Jess's Mixed Media Necklace

13. Kristen's Beadwoven Necklace

14. Elisabeth's Ribbon and Beads Necklace

Fifth Color Palette:
The Pink Tablecloth

15. Jess's Mixed Media Necklace

Great job, Ladies! Some beautiful entries and I enjoyed seeing each one.

I chose to work wih the Pink Tablecloth palette. It is one that I had worked with in the past, but did not like what I had created, so I wanted to revisit it to see if I could create something that I did like. Here are the results:

Thanks so much for playing along ladies, it's been such a great and challenging year. We'll definitely be doing this again next year, but I may add a little twist to the challenge!
In the meantime, spread the word about the vote, and I'll leave the polls open until Jan. 2nd!
Thank you guys!


  1. What a selection of fabulous creations... all so different, yet all amazingly designed and thought out.
    Thank you for rallying us all together, the challenges have been something I really look forward to.
    Wishing you a magical 2011 and see you back here soon.
    Emma xx

  2. What a selection of beautiful creations! Marcie thank you so much for putting this all together and inspiring us all!

  3. Wow! What an awesome group of artwork!! Everyone is so different, but still similiar! I wanted to vote for my own, but couldn't because someone else's shouted for the vote. LOL

    Good job Marcie with the challenge!

  4. Wow all these entries are amazing! I had an immediate favorite though which made voting a bit easier considering all these yummies are just stunning little works of art!

    Great Job Everyone!

  5. O-M-G!!!! Ladies, you're all awesome!

  6. Some beautiful pieces there, I have cast my vote, good luck to you all!


  7. Wow, look at all of these beauties! Everyone has done an amazing job of translating their inspiration into jewellery. I had a hard time voting, because they're all gorgeous! Well done everyone!!

  8. This is such a great collection of art, jewelry and artists! Love all the different styles, and you know how I am partial to mixed media! I stumbled upon this late this year...will be watching!

  9. What a great selection of entries. Well done everyone!


  10. Stunning pieces! I had an immediate fave and had to vote for it... Well done ladies! Thanks so much for putting this together Marcie - it's my first time to join such and I can see myself participating more in the near future.

  11. It's great to finally see everyone's works! One of the things that's neat about the challenges is seeing, not only the pieces, but how everyone interprets the colors themselves. We all work from the same palettes, but often end up with distinctly different color selections in our pieces.

  12. What a bunch of STUNNERS! Beautiful work done by everyone. Thanks again to Marcie for creating this fun challenge!