Monday, September 13, 2010

Margie and Me - Slipper Orchid #156

Now, I must make another confession. I am not inspired by all. Lilacs, daylilies, roses, eh...not so much. Now, give me a gigantic sculpture in a Catholic cathedral, or a woven Iranian rug, and I'm all over it. So, this week, when I chose the Slipper Orchid, it was specifically to challenge myself.

I had some trouble finding a great picture, but I think these will help. Margie explains the color palette as maroon with wine colored striations and spots. She also highlights the tiny bits of "curry yellow" found closest to the center of the flower.
This is a very luxurious palette, so get out your deep purples and pinks and see what you can come up with! I hope you guys will play along!

Okay, last thing...I did a lot of thinking over the weekend about what I want to do with my shop right now, and I think this week, instead of adding some new stuff, which I definitely could do, I'm going to focus on three things:
1. Tutorials - I've had a lot of requests for these, and I keep putting it off thinking how I'd rather be selling actual jewelry, but something hit me this weekend, and I remembered how much fun I had creating Christmas presents the first year that I started beading (which I did from patterns). And I realized what an amazing compliment it is that someone would want to create something you designed to give to someone else, so....tutorials coming!
2. The destash shop. (I have ignored you, dear, and I'm sorry!)
3. Magazine submissions. The Spring deadline is coming up and I don't want to miss the chance to send in some pics!

So, to that can expect a Margie and Me on Saturday, but probably not much else. Oh, and look for the tutorials throughout the week. Enjoy your Monday!

UPDATE: I just finished my Bollywood Bling Ring Tutorial and it's now available in my shop!


  1. Have fun writing the tutorials (fingers crossed for nesting bracelet) and I can't wait (even though I will have to) to see what you published next!

  2. I am a big fan of tutorials. I love seeing a piece that catches my eye and then the excitement of discovering there is a tutorial available. I have never attempted to create my own designs as far as beadweaving goes so am always looking at patterns!

    Your pieces are absolutely stunning and I think you will do very well from increased tutorials in your store. I know I admire many of your pieces and wish I could recreate them.

    I understand your hesitation in selling more tutorials vs pieces but as you say knowing that so many people will get enjoyment out of making something you designed will be worth it!

    As you know I love your Stellar pendant and am patiently waiting for this one to be released!
    I can't wait to see more of your tutorials... I will have to start putting some money aside to treat myself to a few!

    Oh also - I have the Beader's Color Palette on order. It was ordered on Friday so with a bit of luck it should be in my hot little hands by next Monday (fingers crossed)... then I can start playing with color!!


  3. Hi Marcie - be sure to drop by my blog. I have just created a new Treasury ... I am sure something there will catch your eye ;)