Thursday, September 16, 2010

Goal #2

Remember on Monday I told you that I was gonna work on the destash shop? Well, yesterday I spent 2 hrs. cleaning out the stash and culled, culled, culled, and I've got a bunch of stuff to offer you guys for your own projects. I threw out a bunch of junk and kept the best stuff. After all, this is de-stashing, not de-trashing.
Here it all is...and maybe I'll take you through the Mind of Marcia as we go through this little stash.

First up is a Cream-Colored Card of On the Surface Embellishment Fibers, and I have no idea what to do with this...I can't get seed beads on it, so it's pretty much useless on my end.
24-gauge Colored Copper Wire. At one time, I thought that I would really get into wire-wrapping and I thought how cool it would be to use colors. Anway....

I was gonna bead embroider round this Vintaj Butterfly and I tried it around another piece of their filigree and here it is...
I thought that this La Petite Closure would make a perfect clasp for an awesome stringing project, but then again we all know how well those stringing projects just jump into my mind...
Green Opal 10mm Oval Puff know you want some...

Oh my gosh...there's so much more, but my brain is bleeding...tomorrow.


  1. Oh me oh my.
    Marcie, can I come and be a mouse going through you trash? I love all of these things! I see such potential. I have a few dozen tubes of seed beads that I have no idea why I have them. Maybe you can I can swap? Seed beads exhaust me. I see their potential for spacing my beads just so, I am just not sure how you do what you do. It fascinates me though! I am drooling over your rings right about now!

    And thanks for your sweet email. You were my 'something good' yesterday and I neglected to tell you that.

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Nice collection! I was going to nab the mottled blue ceramic beads but I am too late... I might have to be quicker next time!!