Tuesday, August 31, 2010


In the last throes of summer, the green still on the trees.
My mind turns to autumn, my thoughts on the leaves.

Ceramic Leaf Beads

You see leaves do not live in the way of a man.
They neither sow, nor toil, nor gather, nor plan.

They are born in the spring as a suit for the tree.
A pinstripe the color of Chinese green tea.

Set of Pistachio Autumn Leaves

They live through the summer, or thrive I should say
Growing and growing with each passing day.

But the leaves know that all too soon it will come.
Cooler nights, shorter days, and then there goes the sun.

Leaf Pendant

And the moment will come for every green leaf
When brown, orange and red will sneak up like a thief.

When the wind will fly by to pluck from the stem,
The proudest of leaves, the tree's only gem.

Iridescent Copper Japanese Maple Leaf Pendant

And though the leaf falls to join those on the ground,
It smiles to itself knowing time goes around.

Because winter, although it brings snowflakes and frost.
Cannot hide the things which never were lost.

Clay Leaf Pendant Set

For again in the spring like an emerald jewel
The leaf will be back, a true sign of renewal.


  1. LOVING the leaves. I have a bunch of those copper, silver, and gold dipped leaves and was working with them this week. I can't wait to get a decent picture of one gold dipped one that I did with lampwork and purple pearls!

  2. I really do love each and everyone of these. Great art.

  3. Nice post and I adore all the leaves. I've been busy making some myself with polymer clay.

  4. Loving the leaves! This was a great post!!


  5. Very nice poem, I love fall too, as soon as I get over the sadness of the end of summer. Love that bright maple leaf!!

  6. Marcie, your prose is every bit as wonderful as your amazing leaf beads, and is a gentle reminder that everything has it's time. I'm going to try to remember this next time I'm struggling with some kind of creative challenge. :-)

  7. Wonderful renewal post. Love the simplicity of the images and text and the powerful message.

  8. What a lovely post! The poem and beads are well-matched. Very timely, too. Just found my first red leaf on my maple tree today. :)