Friday, June 11, 2010

Dad's home and I made more jewelry.

Okay, I know at least one of those is news. We're picking him up tonight at the airport. We told him to bring a jacket because although it's hovering around 90 here in Wilmington, he's used to a cool Abu Dhabi 110. :)

I'm doing a shop update slowly but surely because I've got a lot to do today.

I listed Royal Ring in Green today. (Not the tutorial, but the ring.) I make these to order, so it'll fit perfectly. You can see it here.

I also listed this bracelet inspired by my Bead Star entry. I call it Layers of Blue and it's feminine but chunky, and oh-so-summery.

And don't forget my SALE!!!! It ends tomorrow!!! And I tell you people, once this stuff is gone, it is gone! No take-backs and no-changies! I gotta make room for some more stuff.
Enjoy your Friday!
This is just one of the items on sale: Red Windows Bracelet

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  1. Amazing pieces! I especially love the ring! Congratulations!!!