Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Once upon a time...

I wanted to open a bead shop and call it Ring around the Finger, or Ring around the Bead, or Bling Rings, or something like that...which all sounded too close to ring around the tub or ring around the collar, neither of which conjure up pictures of glamorous jewelry for your fingers.

So, I stuck with my current title, but still can't get the bug to make rings out of my system. I am constantly playing around with ring designs. Half the time they aren't good enough to show off, but every once in a while a good slips through and I really, really like it.
Such as this little purty. I was very inspired by peacock colors when I designed this, and now I need a good name for it. Any suggestions?

In other news, Louisa Meece of Beaded Extravagance sent me this little beauty for our Etsy Beadweavers Team swap. It is awesome and feels like a supple fabric on my wrist. We exchanged e-mails and both agreed that it was a strange feeling to own a piece of jewelry that you hadn't made yourself!

Alright, I'm off, I've got to work on a big chunky rock ring for a customer. See ya'!


  1. I do love your ring !! for me it looks like a "dentelle" : so light, so chic !!!!... and peacock colors give it a wonderful aspect !!

    and the bracelet is so nice... I do love these colors too !

  2. Love the ring, Marcie! It looks royal - so what about Royal filigree? Or maybe you should play with bead in the word filigree and call it beadigree? stitched filigree? Princess Beadigree? Oh now I'm just silly! So I guess I better stop :-)

    Love it! Good luck giving it a proper name!


  3. I love your new rings, though I love all your rings. The new ring reminds me of a snowflake or a piece of lace. Awesome work!

  4. Esa sortija esta hermosa...para una princesa!!! si ese seria el nombre que yo le daria, Para una Princesa!!!

  5. BTW deberias vender las instrucciones para tus proyectos en tu tienda. Seria una sensacion!!!

  6. Love the the the style! Connie