Monday, February 15, 2010

It's all about the tease...

Sorry, I've been so absent lately! I've been out of's been snowing...yadda, yadda...I've been busy. However, I've still found time to do my obsessive compulsive, mindless, looking-for-things-I-can't-buy Etsy hunting and I've come to a conclusion....when it comes to jewelry photographs it's all about the tease. Here are some examples:

The first is a pendant of mine I call River Rock, the above picture is super up-close and you can see all the detail, but you don't get an idea of what the pendant would look like on the wearer until you see the next picture which is a little farther back.

Same thing here with my Ferris Wheel Bracelet only to the extreme. In this pic, you wouldn't even know how to wear it, until....

you get to this pic where you can see the clasp and the full profile of the bracelet.

Here's another example, in Beadsforever's shop the first photo you see is an up-close of her Golden Rose Netted necklace.

It's not until you keep clicking that you get the full shot of the necklace.

The Beaded Lily also does this with her equestrianne necklace. Super up-close shot with stunning detail of the beads.

Keep clicking, and you're rewarded with a great picture of what the necklace would look like if it were yours.

I tell ya' what....I am learning so much about taking pictures just by shop hoppin'. It's really helped me to understand what makes a great pic, and I'm enjoying it to boot. I hope this helps you a little or maybe just inspires you to go shop hoppin'. Either way, if you own a shop, the next time you visit one that you like think not only about their product, but also how they present it, there are so many people who have been doing this a lot longer than me and they are really good at it. Who knows, you may pick up some great tips?


  1. Thanks for the mentions! What a beautiful blog!

  2. Thanks for the very nice surprise this morning! You've got me thinking now about some of my other pictures now. They may need a re-do!

  3. great post - and something to think about - not the same old boring photos but a tease - I like that.

  4. I love those close ups :) I always debate if I should do a "teaser" photo or a full shot for the first pic...

  5. What a great blog. I have a totally new perspective on photography. I hate to take pictures, so maybe a new challenge will make the chore more enjoyable!

  6. What a great point you make usually do see those crisp, close-up shots in the successful Etsy shops.

  7. I love your River Rock pendant, so gorgeous! And so is your Ferris Wheel bracelet :) I think it's important to present a range of photos, and I particularly love detail shots. But it's also great to see the whole piece in the one shot!